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Dates & Location

17th - 20th August 2020 from the ICAstro site, Oria, Spain. Elevation 1022 m.
Lat 38°:45.4 N, Long 00°:02.1W https://icastronomy.com/services/oria/location-oria.html

Catalogue identification

IC 1805
Tha Heart Nebula
In this image, North is up.
Also catalogued as SH2-190

Equipment Used

Tak FSQ106N at 530 mm focal length, F5.0.
Paramount ME German equatorial Mount.
Camera - Moravian Instruments G3-16200 with 7 position FW and OAG.
TheSkyX Pro telescope control.
SGP used for camera, PHD Guide and Focus control.

Starlight Instruments Boss Focuser with FSQ rear cell replacement.
Lodestar guide camera.



Where it is in space

This field is approx 116 x 88 arcminutes - ie ~ 4 x 3 Moon diameters
Visually IC 1805 lies approx 5 degrees S of Iota Cassiopeia It is actually some 7500 light years from us ans is located in the Perseus arm of our Milky Way Galaxy.



Remote session using Splashtop control from Ravenshead, UK.
Colour pallette: SHO+RGB
Exposures: R:G:B 10 x 10 min each.
Narrowband exposures: SII, Ha, and OIII 16 x 15 min each.
-20°C and -30°C.
All images binned 1x1.
Automated remote sessions using Sequence Generator Pro (SGP)


  What it is

IC 1805 is an emission nebula showing glowing ionised hydrogen gas and darker dust lanes. The colour selected for this hydrogen ion in this image is green. The open cluster Melotte 15 lies in the middle of the Heart. This cluster contains very young, blue, hot supergiant stars only about about 1.5 million years old. It is home to several stars with a mass of almost 50 times that of our Sun, but there are many faint stars less massive than the Sun. These are
visual magnitude of 6.9


Processing Methods

All data reduction with CCDStack.
RGB masters and
master S, H and O created in CCDStack.
Master RGB colour created in PixInsight for star colour.
Master SHO colour combine created
in PixInsight.
finishing in PhotoShop CS6 including Bob Franke's method of enhacing green Ha to golden highlights..